Dr. Farmini

After many years of experience as a physician working in various hospitals in Italy, Germany and Austria, I let conventional medicine go hand in hand with holistic medicine.

24. October 2017


SENOLOGY – Recognition and timely treatment of breast disorders What does senology mean? The term means the “science of the female breast” and originates from the French “le sein = bosom”. The French, in turn, goes back to the Latin “sinus”, meaning curve, known from sine and cosine graphs in […]
20. September 2017


Fertility – naturally by preference You want to have children. We all expect initially to be fertile. But fertility is not a given. What if all pregnancy tests come back negative? Our society still treats infertility as a subject that is frequently taboo. Infertility in women and in men can […]
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Dr. Armando Farmini
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