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Our patients feedback

Our patients’ feedback is very important to us, because the balance between subjectivity and objectivity can often vary. Your feedback helps us to improve the communication of our intentions and to make them clearer. In addition, experiences by other patients should also be a guidance for you and provide you with a first impression of us.

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12. January 2018

Best gynaecologist!

Dr. Farmini

Dr Farmini is the best gynaecologist I’ve met so far. Not only his remarkable experience about the body’s endogenous hormone therapy, but above all his empathy make him stand out! During my entire pregnancy, I was...

22. June 2017


Bioidentical hormone therapy

Since I was 14 years old, I had extreme, unbearable menstrual pain and very heavy bleeding. The gynaecologists prescribed the pill for me, which made me depressed, constantly tired, irritable, and the menstrual pain did not get better, e...

11. June 2017

Natural hormone treatment

Bioidentical hormone therapy

My name is Eva Maria Breitwieser, Bergham 10, 4851 Gampern. I suffered from constant headache or migraine with an average of about 4 – 6 headaches a week, in addition restless sleep, exhaustion… I found Dr Farmini by word of mouth. The...

26. March 2017

Best tip!

Bioidentical hormone therapy, Start

I learned from an acquaintance about Dr Farmini and the treatment with bioidentical hormones. After studying the book, ‘The Hormone ”Revolution’, I booked an appointment with Dr Farmini. I am 60+ and had various complaints. At the ...

9. March 2017


Dr. Farmini

No long appointment wait time. Beautiful décor. You feel right at home and in good hands. Super nice receptionist and Dr Farmini is also very nice. I was there on World Women’s Day and received a rose when I was leaving. Very...

5. March 2017

Simply awesome!!!

Bioidentical hormone therapy, Start

I was in the practice of Dr Farmini 4 weeks ago, and I have to say that my decision to go there was totally confirmed from the first minute. Dr Farmini is a really great doctor who takes a lot of time and really understands his area of e...

4. January 2017

Thanks to my medical officer

Breast cancer

3 months ago, Dr Farmini removed a breast carcinoma from my chest. He discussed the procedure with me before the surgery, so I was relatively relaxed. The procedure was as predicted, and I only had to endure a tight lacing after surgery ...

8. November 2016

A miracle

Bioidentical hormone therapy

After years of hot flashes (and in the end every hour at night, too) and the knowledge that artificial hormones are absolutely dangerous, I was desperate. A colleague referred me to Dr Farmini. The result: After 3 months of applying the ...

5. October 2016


Bioidentical hormone therapy

On 02/10/2016, I was in the office of Dr Farmini and had a conversation about my hormone status. Two weeks ago I had to do a saliva test, which was evaluated by a laboratory. The reason why I had an appointment with Dr Farmini, were meno...

11. April 2016

A miracle has happened!

Bioidentical hormone therapy

On 07/06/2015, my PATH led me to the WONDERFUL physician Dr Farmini. My symptoms: Thyroid hypofunction and tablet addiction (Thyrex100). MY GOAL WAS: To get rid of my tablet addiction and to stabilise my hormone balance. Before starting ...

23. March 2016

Complete success

Bioidentical hormone therapy

After doing the treatment with cream and DHEA capsules for 5 days, I noticed the first signs of improvement. I did not have to break at noon anymore and the feeling of fatigue was gone. Now 2 months have passed and my menstrual cramps ar...

16. March 2016

My review

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I came here because of my hot flashes, lack of energy, tinnitus, dry mucous membranes, joint pain, fatigue, hair loss and skin problems. After about 3 months of applying the hormone cream, I had noticeably more energy, was able to sleep ...

3. February 2016

Bladder infection

Dr. Farmini

Many thanks for the natural home remedy for bladder infection. Within a day, the complaints that I already had for 10 days , have largely disappeared, and after 3 days absolutely symptom-free – without antibiotics....

2. February 2016

I felt right at home straight away!

Dr. Farmini

Professionally competent and very nice doctor where you feel right at home. Mrs Farmini is always ready, very friendly and has great expertise at the reception and with email contact! I feel well cared for and will definitely not...

18. January 2016

Highly recommended!


Dr Farmini supported me very competently and with empathy through my first pregnancy, and also afterwards. I felt like I was taken seriously, and that I was in good hands. All my questions were answered in detail during and after the...

14. December 2015

Strongly recommended

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Through a conversation, I became aware of Dr Farmini by chance and actually received the help that I was desperately looking for. His alternative approach and dealing with my complaints is exactly the way that I always looked for as a wo...

17. November 2015

TOP-NOTCH and absolutely recommended!

Dr. Farmini

I recommend Dr Farmini without hesitation. After a long search, I am so happy to have found such a competent and sensitive physician. He is very trustworthy, takes a lot of time for his patients and answers all questions carefully. His c...

12. November 2015

Bad general condition

Bioidentical hormone therapy

On 13/08/2015, I was in the practice of Dr Farmini for the first time, since then 3 months have passed and I can only report the very best about Dr Farmini. A few days later I started with the hormone cream; after 2 weeks I noticed the f...

14. October 2015

Great, extraordinary practice


Very stylish and harmoniously furnished practice, in which one immediately feels comfortable. Competent secretary! I have always received my desired appointment and felt always welcome and in good hands. Dr Farmini takes a lot of time an...

12. September 2015

Fast and competent

Dr. Farmini

Competent examination, sufficient time, no waiting time, interest in other diagnoses and alternatives to conventional medicine, just as you would imagine. Assistant is also great!...

9. July 2015

Competent and honest

Dr. Farmini

Very sensitive and, in my opinion, good doctor! He responded to all my questions in a comprehensible way and you really feel well taken care of by Dr Farmini!...

3. May 2015

Extremely competent

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I felt great from the first minute I walked into the practice. Mrs Farmini is a lovely and very accommodating person. Doctor Farmini is very empathetic, competent and gives you the feeling that you are being taken seriously with your pro...

19. March 2015

Wonderful experience

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I had a fantastic experience with Dr Armando Farmini. Not only is he an excellent and caring doctor, but his offices themselves are beautiful, welcoming, and calming. Dr. Farmini recently handled the insertion of my copper IUD. After his...

18. March 2015

Simply different

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Dr Farmini’s approach to diagnosis and treatment is very different from that of all the gynaecologists I’ve been to. With his specialization in bioidentical hormones, he is certainly something very special, even beyond Salzburg. He takes...

8. March 2015

A great doctor

Dr. Farmini

I met Dr Farmini 4 years ago in the breast clinic. Today I am so glad that he has his own private practice. He helped me a lot back then and today, with his charming wife, he is doing his best to help me again. With him, the health and [...

18. February 2015

Excellent diagnostician

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I got the recommendation to go to Dr Farmini from a friend, among other things because of my cardiac arrhythmia. After a detailed and very enlightening conversation with me, I started his therapy. After a short time I started to feel lik...

9. February 2015

A nice experience

Breast cancer

I would have loved to have avoided some experiences, but fate does not always work in your favour. It is all the more gratifying that a ‘coincidence’ made it possible for me to have a doctor by my side during a very difficult time, w...

2. February 2015

Thank you so much!

Gynaecological examination

At our first appointment last week, my daughter and I felt great and like we were really well taken care of. As a patient, it’s a great feeling that you are not just a patient number, but that you are seen as a human being and treated ...

2. February 2015

Top top top 🙂 Thumbs up 🙂

Dr. Farmini

I am very satisfied with Dr Farmini!! I trust this doctor. Mrs Farmini is also a super nice, pretty woman who gives you great tips :). I feel very comfortable in this practice. I really recommend him to everyone....

29. January 2015

Very very good doctor :))

Breast cancer

I am very satisfied with Dr Farmini; I trust this doctor. I am very glad that I met Dr Farmini in the breast clinic. Mrs Farmini is also a wonderful woman who makes me laugh again and again....

28. January 2015

Bioidentical hormones

Bioidentical hormone therapy

My natural hormone balance was pretty much out of wack due to many years of artificial contraception. I already had health problems (insomnia, chest pain). Fortunately, Dr Farmini was great help for my dilemma! He explained the cause and...

27. January 2015



It does exist! A gynaecological practice in which ‘women’ can feel great! Medical competence at the highest level, courteous, friendly people who take time for the patient and a kind of friendliness that is rarely found. The well-bei...

26. January 2015

Finally arrived

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I was one of the first patients to be seen by Dr Farmini in 2013 (he took over the practice of my then gynaecologist) … I was overwhelmed by the lady who greeted me there – Isabelle – a nice conversation, a little coffee and I was ready ...

22. January 2015

Formidable care

Bioidentical hormone therapy

With Dr Farmini you are in good hands, not only as a woman, but also as a man. He takes a lot of time for his patients and their problems and treats them individually. With bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr Farmini was the first person wh...

14. January 2015

A doctor after my own heart!

Dr. Farmini

I take my issues to Dr Farmini confidently and he takes care of me like a good friend. Above all, I appreciate his empathy and his competence, and I like to follow his advice. Many thanks also go to his wife, who creates a comfortable fa...

15. December 2014

Early menopause

Bioidentical hormone therapy

I was undergoing treatment with another gynaecologist for many years and received treatment with artificial hormones for early menopause (at the age of 38). When the dosage was increased, my stomach felt like it was bloated, my mood and ...

8. December 2014


Dr. Farmini

I felt very comfortable in the practice with Dr Farmini and his wife. I was very satisfied with the treatment that helped me a lot. I gladly recommend Dr Farmini to everyone....

2. December 2014

Highly recommended!

Dr. Farmini

When you enter the practice, you are greeted very friendly and personally. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. Not only the doctor, but also his wife in the lobby are very competent! Dr Farmini takes a lot of time to deal with th...

28. November 2014

Insertion of the hormone-free IUD


After taking the pill for about 10 years, I had an in-depth conversation with Dr Farmini and decided on the hormone-free IUD! At first I was very scared and was very tense about the pain I might feel during the procedure. Dr Farmini told...

14. November 2014

Top gynaecologist!!

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Nice practice with a cosy atmosphere. You feel as comfortable as at home! The doctor is nice and sympathetic. Takes his time, explains everything in a language you understand. I was very satisfied with Dr Farmini and strongly recommend h...

2. November 2014

Thank you, Dr Farmini!!!

Bioidentical hormone therapy

Dr Farmini was recommended to me by a friend because I was looking for an alternative to surgery for my cysts. I had never heard of bioidentical hormone therapy before and became curious. I was able to get an appointment pretty quickly; ...

21. October 2014

Good advice, great treatment

Dr. Farmini

Hello, I was with several doctors and none were able to help!!! Then I found Dr Armando Farmini who, honestly is so good. I was very satisfied with the check-up, advice, treatment and everything else. I will definitely recommend him...

19. October 2014

A feel-good visit

Gynaecological examination

When I came to the practice, I was warmly greeted by Mrs Farmini. Then, she immediately offered me coffee or water. The atmosphere in the waiting room is so relaxed that you forget about your fears and don’t get nervous. The conversati...

14. October 2014

Excellent experience

Dr. Farmini

The visit to the practice of Dr Farmini was an all-round positive experience. The lovely decoration of the practice already sets a pleasant mood and puts the patient at ease right from the beginning; the extremely caring and friendly rec...

13. August 2014


Dr. Farmini

Nice atmosphere, very friendly, highly recommended. Dr Farmini takes a lot of time for his patients and he is always available for further questions by email. Mrs Farmini also treats patients very nicely so that one never feels like it...

16. May 2014

100% satisfied

Dr. Farmini

Takes his time (preliminary talk, follow-up talk) – also comfortable treading outside of conventional medicine – very nice assistant – best experience in my life – I can only recommend him!...

4. May 2014

A truly special physician


… who takes a lot of time for me as a patient … who can also very competently look at alternatives to conventional medicine … who has supported me excellently in my first pregnancy...

29. April 2014

100% recommended!!!

Dr. Farmini

In Dr Farmini I finally found what I was looking for in a gynaecologist, after years of searching. Dr Farmini is highly competent and has enormous expertise, especially in alternative and naturopathic procedures. He takes an extraordinar...

18. March 2014

Overall rating: TOP-NOTCH

Dr. Farmini

I am thrilled and delighted with all the services this doctor provides and I want to make this very clear. I have never written a review of a physician, but in this particular case, it seems appropriate for me to do so. Dr Farmini is a v...

9. March 2014

Very pleasant doctor visit

Dr. Farmini

A friend referred me to Dr Farmini and I was already very pleasantly surprised by the delightful ambience when I entered the practice. You immediately feel better, and I didn’t get the not-so-pleasant feeling that I often felt in the w...

3. March 2014

My experience


I am so glad that I found my favourite doctor. Dr Farmini is a very friendly, empathetic and competent doctor. He takes plenty of time for his patients, which is hard to find today. Above all, I appreciate his honest opinion about contra...

16. October 2013

I feel comfortable here!

Breast cancer

Due to my breast cancer, I ended up with Dr Farmini ‘by accident’ in the hospital and am very happy that I can now visit him in his own practice. The practice is unique and makes you feel really good all around! Dr Farmini takes a lo...

25. September 2013

Thank you so much

Bioidentical hormone therapy

for this important information and comprehensive advice in your feel-good practice. Dr Farmini listened carefully and took me very seriously. Through a test it became clear that for many years I had the wrong hormone prescribed by my...

20. September 2013

Highly recommended!

Gynaecological examination

I saw Dr Farmini for a routine check-up, and I was really impressed with the office space, the ambiance, the friendly reception and the expert, in-depth advice. This is a gynaecologist I will gladly recommend to others. I will...

13. August 2013

Breast cancer and psychology

Breast cancer

I met Dr Farmini when I had breast cancer and needed to undergo surgery. Shortly before the surgery and after an unfortunate conversation with a psychologist, who left me completely distressed, Dr Farmini lifted me up again with wit, cha...

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